High calibre seat covers to safeguard your vehicle's upholstery

Whether it's an adventure away with the family and pets, or loading the 4x4 with your sports gear and heading out to the bush, or putting your work van or truck through its usual paces that leave it grimy at the end of the day, your vehicle's seats will be taking a beating time after time.

Protect your vehicle's interior with Stealth Seat Covers and make sure your upholstery remains in top-notch condition.

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Had enough of seat covers that don't meet your expectations? Stealth Seat Covers are made from a tough, exclusive synthetic material that delivers protection and style, are custom designed to fit perfectly over your existing upholstery and take into consideration all the unique features of your vehicle's interior.

Stealth Seat Covers offer superior protection for your car's interior - against outdoor elements and heavy use by passengers and or domestic pets. Take the stress out of travelling with the most durable seat covers around.



Your vehicle is more than a means of transport - it's an investment, an essential part of your daily life and often, your pride and joy. But the wear and tear of daily use, those trips made on rainy days, outings to the beach, school runs, and muddy days at the work site, can leave you with a mucky clean-up job when you least want it. And worse, your upholstery might be damaged and prematurely worn.

Thankfully, Stealth premium quality car seat covers offer a convenient solution: durable, fully washable covering that meet the challenge and prolongs the life of your vehicle's original upholstery. Your vehicle's interior retains its attractive appearance as well as its resale value. Plus, our seat covers save you time, hassle and money.

Main Features

Strength & Durability

Made from 100% synthetic fabric originally developed for military applications, our robust product doesn't have the drawbacks of neoprene seat covers, e.g. drying, cracking and fading.


Our fabric's non-absorbent properties render your seat covers fully water repellant. The material is also quick drying and shrink resistant.


Our custom options allow for modern seating configurations. Your seat covers are comfortable, smooth and soft to sit on, ensuring a pleasant journey on-road or off-road.

Easy to clean

Due to the non-absorbent nature of our fabric, a good wipe with a damp cloth is usually enough for cleaning. For heavier cleaning, pop the covers in the washing machine then hang them outside for a short while.

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